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Certificate of global competence

In their future roles, KTH students need to communicate and work in environments characterised by cultural and social diversity. Global competence is increasingly demanded in professional life and is a prerequisite for working successfully in our global society. KTH offers a Certificate of Global Competence in order to satisfy this need.

An educational programme for global competence

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KTH's Certificate of Global Competence is designed so that KTH students can pursue it within their elective credits. The aim of the programme is to strengthen students’ global competence, whether they intend to work in Sweden or abroad, in academics, trade and industry, or the public sector. The certificate is issued together with the degree certificate, and serves as evidence that the KTH student is well-prepared for today's international professional life.

The three steps of the certificate

The certificate consists of three parts, done in order:

  1. Intercultural Competence, 4.5 credits
  2. International mobility or equivalent*
  3. Global Competence, 3 credits

*A period no shorter than 8 weeks of intercultural practice in the form of, e.g., virtual or physical exchange studies , , KTH Field Studies , international degree project or internship abroad , or activities pertaining to “internationalisation at home”. For international students, the time in Sweden counts.

The two courses are offered both in the autumn and spring semesters. Programme students can apply for them in the regular course selection . Students can apply for exchange studies at the end of the autumn semester for the upcoming academic year. In order to be eligible for the Global Competence course, the first course and subsequent exchange studies or equivalent activites must be completed. 

The certificate is issued after successful completion of the second course.

Intercultural competence as freestanding course

For those who are not looking to gain the certificate, but still want to improve their global competence, it is possible to take the course Intercultural Competence, 4.5 credits, as a freestanding course. The course is taken within the framework of optional credits, and is elective for all students. The course is offered once every study period, i.e., four times a year. Programme students can apply for it in the regular course selection .