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Ideation Workshop with KTH Innovation

A pen lying on a paper below the word "idea" written in cursive.

How can you come up with a good idea? Join KTH Innovation's Ideation Workshop and find out!

Time: Thu 2023-02-02 12.15 - 13.30

Location: Teknikringen 1

Language: English

Participating: Patrik Lundmark

KTH Innovation supports people from KTH who want to develop an idea or create impact with their research. But how do you come up with a good idea, and what happens next?

At this hands-on workshop, we will give you the tools you need to come up with an idea, figure out if it's a good one, and how to bring it to life. 

Getting an idea is often not something that happens automatically but takes a special mindset. This workshop will give you the tools you need to get going!

This is an event for students, researchers, and employees at KTH.

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Last changed: Jan 02, 2023