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KTH Innovation Industry Day with SEB

An audience at an event shot from the back with the text KTH Innovation Industry Day with SEB & SEBx

Welcome to KTH Innovation Industry Day with SEB, a leading bank and financial services company in the Nordics. This event is an opportunity to hear how an industry leader in the financial sector innovates, collaborates with startups, and understand where opportunities for collaboration might exist.

Time: Tue 2024-04-16 11.30 - 14.00

Location: KTH Innovation, Teknikringen 1

Language: English

Participating: SEB & SEBx

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Hear from SEB, SEBx & SEB Greentech VC

SEB  is a leader in the financial industry; SEBx  is the innovation arm of SEB that supports the testing and implementation of new technologies. SEB Greentech VC  invests in green technology, focusing on transformative ideas that promise substantial impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions or in preventing transgression of the planetary boundaries.

Hear how they work to integrate new technologies into their organization and what opportunities might exist for KTH startups, students and researchers.

Fintech, artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography, and Blockchain are some, but not all, of the key technology focus areas.

Lunch will be provided.

Who should join?

The SEBx team is interested in getting in touch with KTH students, researchers and startups working on technologies relevant to their industry and even those on the periphery where there might not be obvious overlap.

The stage of development is not a key deciding factor, i.e. they are looking to get in touch with really early ideas to later stage startups. Solutions can be found in entirely different industries, so you don't need to target financial services already.

With this event, we hope to inspire the next generation of startups as well as to motivate those currently working on solutions that might be relevant in the financial services sector.

Individual meetings for startups

A limited number of preselected startups from KTH will get the chance to sit down for a 1-1 meeting with SEB representatives to explore future possibilities for collaboration.

If you have an existing startup that you think would be of interest to SEB, please complete this form  and we will get in touch (there are limited spots). If you have completed the form in the past, please email  to express your interest and make a case for a meeting.


  • 11:30: Registration, lunch and informal mingle
  • 12:00: Welcome by KTH Innovation
  • 12:05: Presentation from SEB, SEBx & SEB Greentech VC including audience questions
  • 12.40: Brief presentation of startups meeting with SEBx
  • 12:45: Informal follow-ups and mingle. Individual meetings with preselected KTH startups.
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Last changed: Apr 02, 2024