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GDH partner universities

The partner universities are selected universities in sub-Saharan Africa that want to develop a new model for learning based on challenge-driven education together with KTH. Through our collaboration, we want to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to find solutions for the major challenges of our time and innovate our students' education.

Map of Africa with Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Botswana highlighted.
The GDH partner universities are located in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Botswana.

Strathmore University

Nairobi, “the Green City in the Sun”, is the political, economic, and cultural capital of Kenya. The city has a population of almost 4,5 million. Strathmore University is located centrally and is very reachable through the diverse sources of transportation. It is a leading non-profit private university operating in Kenya. The university has an unparalleled reputation for academic and professional quality while further serving the Kenyan society.

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University of Dar es Salaam

Tanzania's magnificent national parks and natural areas are among the best in Africa. Serengeti savannas often appear to be almost infinite with the huge stone and rock essays as the only variation in the flat landscape. UDSM is Tanzania's largest and oldest state university located in Dar es Salaam. UDSM's main campus is located in the western part of town and is an oasis in the city with large green areas of over 1600 acres with buildings for teaching, student housing, dining and staff housing.

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University of Rwanda

Rwanda is known as Le Pays des Mille Collines (Land of a Thousand Hills) thanks to the endless mountains in this scenically stunning little country. It is considered the best African destination for Sustainable Tourism goals. University of Rwanda is a relatively new university founded in 2013. It consists of 6 independent, self governing colleges and the college system is considered the heart of the University’s success where students have the benefits of belonging to a large internationally renowned institution and also to a smaller, interdisciplinary, academic college community.

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Botho University

Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana is a young metropolis dominated by modern buildings which includes the likes of glittering hotels to casinos, whereas the wetlands of Gaborone Game has delightful panoramic views and natural wildlife. Botho University, established in 1997 has grown to become a high quality multidisciplinary education provider. With over 6000 students and 500 staff members, the university is dynamic and exciting.

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