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Opportunities within GDH

Do you have an interest in activities related to sub-Saharan Africa? Learn more about GDH's different offerings for students, researchers and teachers at KTH, as well as for external stakeholders.

Every year, KTH Global Development Hub offers several activities and courses. Some courses aim at students, while others target stakeholders or researchers. Here, you will find an overview of GDH’s different offerings.

For students

If you are a student and wish to collaborate with us, several opportunities await:

For researchers

GDH perceives its mission to include a scientific approach to its objectives and, therefore, engages in accompanying research on its activities. Currently, there are research initiatives within two domains.

  • Education: Here, fundamental questions are addressed, such as: How should education be conducted to enable students to develop their competence in engaging/driving sustainable design and development? How does challenge-driven education contribute to students' opportunities to explore/develop their ability to think/act in a manner that is sustainable and desirable for our partners/future employers?
  • Innovation Research: This domain explores questions such as: How should education be structured to provide students with the opportunity to build their innovation competence, encompassing the development of frugal innovations/innovations contributing to sustainable societal development?

Future research areas

How do students adapt to cultural issues in other parts of the world? In the IRIS project, funded by the ITM School at KTH, a research initiative is underway where KTH researchers collaborate with scholars from our African partner universities. Publications include the Cinet paper and CDIO abstracts.

For teachers

If you are a teacher and wish to learn more about our activities, there are several options available:

  • If you are interested in understanding challenge-driven education by participating in the course LH233V, "Teaching and Learning for Challenge Driven Education in a Global Context" (3.0 credits). Learn more about the course.
  • If you want to be part of our Africa community at KTH, you can find more information on KTH in Africa community .

For external stakeholders

As an external stakeholder, you are most welcome to contact us. We are keen to collaborate closely with companies and organisations on societal challenges that need addressing to create a more sustainable societal context. We will connect you with teachers and students who are eager to engage in collaboration.

Are you interested in further contacts due to your activities in the African region, or are you curious about how to work with us in student projects? Please get in touch with Erika Svensson Rössner, international advisor for Africa at KTH.