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Conference "Mission Ocean restore our Ocean and Waters"Conference "Mission Ocean restore our Ocean a

Text: Mission restoring our ocean and waters
Published Mar 22, 2024

One of the specific objectives of the Unite!WIDENING project is to strengthen the global competitiveness and international visibility of the Universities, promoting the European Research areas policy and creating critical mass in key areas such as green transition, digitalization, and the Mission areas of Horizon Europe.

It is in this context that the conference "Mission Ocean restore our Ocean and Waters" will take place at Técnico in Lisbon, on March 22nd.

To identify the main areas of R&D&I, the Unite!WIDENING project will analyze relevant EU policies and documents, such as the 5 Missions of the EU Horizon 2030 (in particular Mission Cities, Mission Adaptation, and Mission Ocean) among others. This work will result in identifying the strengths and needs of countries expanding in the green transition, reinforced by the identification of areas of R&D&I of interest for common research projects.

The EU's Mission Ocean aims to protect and restore the health of our oceans and waters through research and innovation, citizen participation, and blue investments. The Mission's new systemic approach addresses the ocean and waters as a whole and plays a key role in achieving climate neutrality and nature recovery. 

Read more and sign up for the conference on the Unite! website

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