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“Think beyond and create a sustainable impact” - The IX Unite! Dialogue at TU Graz

Published Feb 02, 2024

Graz University of Technology is hosting the upcoming Unite! Dialogue, titled "Think Beyond: Unite! for Collective and Sustainable Impact”, scheduled to take place from the 27th to the 29th of February 2024.

It will bring together representatives from all nine Unite! partner universities in Graz, Austria’s second city and home to Graz University of Technology. Faculty, staff, students, and decision-makers will come together to network, collaborate and discuss the sustainable future of the European University.

The theme "Think beyond: Unite! For Collective and Sustainable Impact" points out the forward-looking approach within the Unite! alliance, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts for a sustainable impact in European education. It encourages the community to explore innovative solutions, foster collective thinking, and work together to address challenges, contributing to a lasting positive impact on the higher educational landscape and society as a whole. 

Read more about the Graz dialogue on the Unite! website

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