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Ten Unite! students will participate in the European Student Assembly

All of the participants of ESA23 at the EU Parliament
Published Mar 22, 2024

ESA24 marks the third gathering of students from the European University Alliances in Strasbourg to debate current issues, draft policy recommendations on the future of Europe and advocate them among stakeholders and decision-makers.

During the third edition of the European Student Assembly (ESA), which will be held in Strasbourg from April 10th to 12th, more than 200 students from various European University Alliances will convene to deliberate on current issues, formulate political recommendations for the future of Europe, and advocate for them before decision-makers. A group of ten students will represent the Unite! Alliance at the event.

The European gathering of university students has proven highly successful among students involved in European University Alliances, committed to making an impact on shaping the future of the EU.

Read more about the European Student Assembly on the Unite! website

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