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Unite! visiting professorship program: guest professors at TU Darmstadt

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Published Jan 26, 2024

Up to 13 visiting professorships are to be financially supported. The target group are primarily experienced postdocs. The deadline for applications is March 31st, 2024.

The Unite! visiting professorship program aims to attract outstanding international talents to promote interdisciplinarity in teaching and didactic innovation through international experience. It is open to all subjects represented at TU Darmstadt. 

This new format of strategic cooperation between Unite! partner universities promotes networking among its academic communities and supports the career development of the visiting scientists. Moreover, students benefit from internationally oriented teaching. The target group are primarily experienced postdocs affiliated to Unite! partner universities, although advanced career phase (lecturers, professors) are also welcome to apply. 

Read more about the Unite! visiting professorship program on the Unite! website

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