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KTH's Climate objectives and measures

KTH has developed climate objectives and measures for 2020-2045.

In accordance with The Climate Framework, KTH has developed objectives and measures. Commitment to The Climate Framework's includes:

  • We will through education, research and external engagement help society as a whole to achieve set objectives.
  • We will work to reduce our own climate impact in line with society’s commitment as expressed in national and international agreements.
  • We will, based on our HEI-specific conditions, set up far-reaching objectives for climate-related work and also allocate resources so that we can achieve these objectives and conduct follow ups.
  • We will clearly communicate our climate-related work in order to inspire and spread knowledge to other organisations and members of society.


The ambition is for KTH to combat climate change and support a sustainable transition in line with society's national and international commitments such as the Paris Agreement, Agenda 2030, Sweden's Energy and Climate targets. The development of objectives and measures for KTH serves to reduce our own climate impact and ensure that KTH core business and operations contribute to the achievement of society's goals.

Our responsibility

The climate objectives and measures will directly affect KTH's employees and students, as well as KTH's property owners, business partners, financiers and other external partners where so is relevant.

The climate objectives and measures were decided in December 2019.