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Circular Economy Initiative at KTH

Circular Economy at KTH (CE@KTH) is an internal strategic initiative at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

The CE@KTH initiative started in 2017 when the KTH President’s office (Rector’s office) decided to invest internal strategic funding to form a university wide initiative on circular economy. The purpose of the initiative is to create academic leadership in the field of Circular Economy (CE) at KTH, to create knowledge in the field of CE through basic and applied research and its dissemination, and to educate and train young researchers, students and executives on the topic of CE.

CE@KTH works towards expanding collective competence of the KTH research and development teams and delivers expert assistance across industries in Sweden. The goal is to put together activities related to CE held at different schools and departments and develop a common CE strategy for future research and collaboration.


The research at CE@KTH mainly deals with creating knowledgebase to lead the transition towards CE in Sweden and beyond. In particular, CE@KTH focuses to facilitate the transition towards CE by supporting development of implementation framework, methods and tools (descriptive and interactive simulation) as well as enabling IT-tools/infrastructure.

The CE@KTH platform is open for both researchers and industrial partners to join, discuss their challenges and co-create solutions to advance their knowledge in the field of CE. The platform is regularly organizing industry workshops to share CE knowledge, increase collaboration among industrial actors, and develop new ideas for research/collaboration. The initiative is also organizing and coordinating the CE related education activities at KTH such as graduate and postgraduate courses, academic symposiums, and seminars.

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