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Barbara Noziere

Professor in Physical Chemistry

Extensive research is being conducted to increase the understanding of the Earth’s atmosphere and how atmospheric chemistry affect air quality and our climate. Chemical compounds trigger a wide range of processes and reactions in the atmosphere, which, in the long run, affect everything from cloud formation, to air quality and global warming.

Barbara Noziere focuses on the chemical transformations of organic compounds in the lower atmosphere and their significance for the natural and human-impacted atmosphere, and for climate. Her research is at the boundary between basic chemistry and environmental science because its purpose is to identify and characterize fundamentally new chemical reactions, processes or compounds, and to determine their role in atmospheric composition, air quality and climate.

Her research is mainly experimental and is based on laboratory studies and on the analysis of atmospheric samples. She is studying free radicals and their role in the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere, conversions of organic compounds in atmospheric aerosols, and the formation of clouds.

Noziere was previously research director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique i Lyon and moved to KTH in 2021 with an ERC Advanced Grant from the EU.

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