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Daniel Söderberg

Professor of processes from fibre-based materials from forest raw materials

Nature’s way of building up different materials is based on the ability of very small particles to organize themselves in controlled, well-ordered structures. This ability has been chiseled out during the course of evolution and resulted in materials with properties optimized for different functions.

Daniel Söderberg’s main focus is to develop an understanding of the physical phenomena and mechanisms used by nature and to find means of applying this knowledge for developing new and improved industrial processes and materials for society. As a starting point, bio-based components are used, as the smallest constituents of wood fibres: cellulose nanofibrils. The goal is to develop new processes that not only work in a lab environment but can also be scaled for industrial production of new high-performance bio-based materials.

To increase understanding of what is happening at the smallest level - the nanoscale - advanced large-scale experimental technology is used, such as the MAX IV sync-control lighting system in Lund.

By increasing knowledge of nature’s own way of forming materials, research can contribute to the development of similar renewable materials and products for the sustainable, bio-based society of the future.

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