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Joakim Odqvist

Professor of the theory of phase transformation of metals

The interdisciplinary field of materials science involves the study of properties of different materials and the development of new materials with specific properties. It includes the sub-area of theory for the phase transformations of metals, where researchers use experimental and theoretical techniques to study the microstructures of different materials. Of particular interest is how metallic alloys develop over time and how they are affected by heat treatment.

Joakim Odqvist’s research aims to create mathematical models for how the structure of metallic alloys changes at a nano- and micro-level when they are manufactured or used. Using these models, computer simulations are then performed and then experiments are conducted to confirm and develop results.

To a large extent, the structure of a material is what also determines the properties of the material. Greater knowledge of how structures arise and develop will make it easier to develop new materials and improve existing ones. 

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