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KTH Debate

KTH Debate is an arena and meeting place for discussing current and important societal issues in research and education. It is a forum where opinions, research results and ideas collide. At that intersection and in the meeting, relevant and new knowledge emerges.

October 26: How sustainable is the vulnerable city?

When the prices of electricity, food, accommodation and fuel rise sharply, people find it difficult to afford them. The city's residents are forced to live more resource-efficiently by living smaller, reducing driving, turning off the underfloor heating and reducing showering.

Is it a temporary crisis effect we are experiencing now or will it lead to a permanent adjustment and an acceptance that our resources are finite? What happens to those who neither have a place nor can afford to live in the city? A city with a growing alienation - how smart is it?
These are some of the issues to be debated. Moderator Åsa Julin leads the debate and distributes the floor.

The Panel

  • Mattias Höjer, professor of environmental strategic analysis at KTH and chairman of the working group for Smart Society at Digital Futures
  • Olga Kordas, program manager for Viable Cities and lecturer in sustainable urban development at KTH
  • Åsa Paborn, director, Stockholm City Mission
  • Örjan Sjöberg, professor of economic geography and head of research at the Center for sustainability research at the Stockholm School of Economics

The debate begins with a short exposé on the view of urban development by Richard Florida, urban researcher and professor at the Martin Prosperity Institute, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada and honorary doctorate at KTH.

The debate will be held in Swedish

When: October 26, 2022 at 16.00-17.00
Where: Digital Futures, Osquars backe 5, KTH Campus vid Valhallavägen.
We will have an audience on site and the debate will also be broadcast online.


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