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TEDxKTH Salon is a recurring highlight at KTH, where new exciting themes and dynamic speakers take center stage on each occasion. We embrace the TEDx motto: 'Ideas worth spreading.' And the best part is – TEDx is open to everyone! Join the discussion and become a part of an inspiring future.

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Upcoming TEDx events

At the moment we don't have any planned TEDxKTH events. Do you have ideas or want to collaborate on organizing a future TEDxKTH? Contact the library at

Binette Seck from a previous TEDxKTH, November 2023

Most recent TEDxKTH

TEDxKTH Salon: Facets of AI – Exploring the Various Uses of AI in Research  (16 May 2024)

Past TEDxKTH events

Experience the previous TEDxKTH Salons  arranged by KTH Library.