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Ensembles within the KTH Academic Orchestra (KTHAK)

The KTH Academic Orchestra (KTHAK) also contains a salon orchestra and a wind quintet by the name of Videkvintetten.


Videkvintetten was first established in 2011 by wind players from KTH’s Academic Orchestra in which all members are either active or inactive principal players. Videkvintetten has a wide repertoire, with pieces ranging from Mozart to Dvořák, and have played at the Mazerska society, Collegium Musicum in Sollentuna and at KTH’s ceremonies. They play quintetto music as well as arrangements of pieces originally written for bigger ensembles. A lot of the arrangements are made by their own flute player, Jesper Jerkert.

Salon orchestra

A salon orchestra is like a miniature symphony orchestra. This form of ensemble was especially popular in Europe in the beginning of the 20th century. Back then, it was frequently used for operetta music and famous excerpts from the symphony repertoire. The KTH Salon Orchestra plays at some of KTH's ceremonies but also in contexts outside of the university.