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Prizes and awards

KTH Royal Institute of Technology awards the following prizes to both internal and external recipients.

The prices are usually awarded at one of KTH's academic ceremonies. At KTH'sInstallation of new professors in March/April each year, KTH's grand prize is presented, as well as KTH's Award for Industrial Collaboration and Janne Carlsson's Scholarship for Academic Leadership. The honorary doctors are given their insignia as a sign of their new dignity. Every ten years, Professor Gunnar Wallquist's Bergsmedalj is also awarded. At the Conferment ceremony, held in November yearly, the Ragnar Holm Postdoctoral Fellowship is recognised. 

At the graduation ceremonies in the City Hall, the KTH Pedagogical Prize, the President of KTH's Equality and Diversity Prize, the Alumnus of the Year and Professor Gunnar Wallquist's study medal are awarded.

Each year, KTH's faculty appoint a number of honorary doctorates. An honorary doctor (doctor honoris causa) may be appointed as a person with whom the university's researchers has made contact through his / her occupation. Or, a person who has not chosen the academic path but otherwise achieved the corresponding scientific level and earned himself/herself the dignity of the doctoral title and that KTH would like to associate with the research community.

Suzana G. Fries recieves the diploma as she is awarded an honorary doctorate at KTH 2022.
In 2022 Suzana G. Fries was awarded an honorary doctorate at KTH. On stage is also professor Anna Wahl and head ushers Ebba Flykt and Hugo Hildingsson. Photo: Studio slakthuset