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KTH's President and Management

The President is head of authority and has the overall responsibility for KTH's activities under the University Board. The President is appointed by the Government for a maximum of six years following a proposal from KTH's University Board. The Deputy President is appointed by KTH's University Board and is the president's deputy.

President and Deputy President 

Management Group 

The KTH management group consists of the President, the Deputy President, all Heads of schools, the University Director, the Deputy University Director and the President of the THS student union. The management group manages matters concerning strategic management and governance of the University. The group is also advisory consultative to the President in matters concerning planning, follow-up and development of the University’s work and activities.

The KTH management group meets every Tuesday. Once a month, an extended management group is held, where in addition to the above members, the Vice Presidents, the Dean of Faculty and the Vice Dean of Faculty also participate. The President decides on the right of attendance for others in the management group.

KTH's Management Group