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Develop your company with young talents

KTH´s 13,000 students represent a unique knowledge base which your company can benefit from through degree projects, student assignments, career fairs and events or our mentoring programmes.

Gain new perspectives through degree projects

By collaborating with students working on their degree projects, your company gets direct access to innovative and valuable knowledge. Theses and projects are often a gateway to extended relations with KTH and offers an effective way to recruit highly qualified and skilled employees.

KTH Degree Project Portal

KTH Degree Project Portal is a free and accessible way to reach thousands of KTH-students. Use the portal to post proposals for research assignments and get innovative perspectives on relevant issues.

KTH Degree Project Portal

Degree Project Fair in Kista

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science i Kista organizes a thesis fair every year where companies and research groups can present their thesis opportunities within the ICT-area.

Degree Project Fair

Project assignments and challenges

Project assignments, various types of challenges and case studies are easy ways to collaborate and often a useful first step towards a long-term relationship with KTH. Students carry out assignments, individually or in groups, during a period of one or two weeks. All assignments are based on challenge-driven problem formulations with practical aspects being more important than the assignment reports. A project assignment may lead to a degree project, and ultimately, a fruitful recruitment.

Project assignments

Career fairs and events

KTH Student Union (THS) offers a full portfolio of career fairs, events and projects aimed at different degree programmes and courses. Other recurring activities include Armada  in November and other tailored corporate events.

THS Future

Student mentoring programmes

Do you have a few years of work experience, would like to share your expertice and support a student’s personal develop­ment? When participating in the Mentorship Programme, you have the opportunity to share your expertise with a student, and at the same time gain new perspectives and expand your network.

Mentor a student

Hosting a study visit

Study visits provide an excellent oppor­tunity for companies and organisations to show what they do and market themselves to potential future employees. For the students it is a much-appreciated opportunity to establish valuable contacts in the industry that they hope to work in the future.

Guest speaker and inspiration

As a guest speaker at one of KTH’s undergraduate programmes, career fairs or seminars, you help strengthen the link between our degree programmes and industry. Whilst lecturing on a specific subject, you also act as a representative for your industry.

Share your story

Lunch lectures

Companies and other organisations have the opportunity to give lectures about their organisation and connect with our students during lunch events. They are arranged by the central study and career counselling office and take place either on campus or on Zoom. The target group is primarily students studying their final year, either at the bachelor’s or master’s level.  

KTH Global Talent Programme

KTH Global Talent Programme offers a unique opportunity for global branding and recruitment of international talents within your company's business area. With company-funded scholarships you will have the opportunity to engage with competence for the future.

KTH Global Talent Programme