KTH Solid Mechanics seminar series

The seminars are arranged by the division of Solid Mechanics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The presentations aim at showing approaches and examples of solid mechanics research within different fields of applications. The audience is therefore heteroclite, working with solid mechanics aspects, such as computational mechanics, contact mechanics, experimental mechanics, fracture & fatigue, non-linear continuum mechanics, optimization, plasticity, towards the description of batteries, fiber-based materials, powder materials, biological tissues and many more. The attendance is free of charge and a seminar takes about an hour followed by discussions.

Upcoming seminars

Previously hold seminars

Norman Fleck's KEYNOTE seminar "Mechanics aspects of solid state lithium ion batteries” Norman_Fleck_March_09_2023.pdf (pdf 171 kB)

Gerard Ateshian's KEYNOTE seminar “Theoretical Considerations for Modeling Viscoelastic Damage and Fatigue in Biological Soft Tissues” Gerard Ateshian Jan_26_2023.pdf (pdf 151 kB)

Marco Viceconti’s KEYNOTE seminar “From Solid Mechanics to In Silico Trials”

Marco Viceconti Jan_12_2023.pdf (pdf 174 kB)

Vikram S. Deshpande KEYNOTE seminar "Anomalous toughness of elastic micro-architected solids" Vikram_Deshpande_dec.01_2022.pdf (pdf 142 kB)

Matti Schneider's seminar “Efficient FFT-based computational homogenization of inelastic solids" Matti_Schneider_2022.pdf (pdf 197 kB)

Javier LLorca's KEYNOTE seminar "3D printed multimaterial bioabsorbable scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: mechanical, corrosion and biological performance". Javier LLorca_November_10_2022.pdf (pdf 194 kB) Watch the recordings   of the seminar.

Ellen Kuhl's KEYNOTE seminar "Opportunities for Machine Learning in Human Health" Ellen_Kuhl_ Oct_13_2022.pdf (pdf 163 kB)  Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

Eugenio Oñate's KEYNOTE seminar "Combination of particle-based methods and the FEM for solving multidisciplinary problems in engineering and applied sciences" Eugenio_Onate_ Sep_15_2022.pdf (pdf 181 kB)  Watch the recordings   of the seminar.

Timothy Truster's seminar “Variational Multiscale DG: A Stabilized Framework for Modeling Slip and Fracture at Interfaces” Timothy_Truster_May_19_2022.pdf (pdf 147 kB)  Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

Peter Wriggers's KEYNOTE seminar "Application of virtual elements for simulations in solid mechanics" Peter_Wriggers_ May_3_2022.pdf (pdf 158 kB)  Watch the recordings  of tye seminar.

Alan Needleman's KEYNOTE seminar "Discrete Defect Plasticity and Implications for Dissipation" Alan_Needleman_ April_21_2022.pdf (pdf 142 kB)  Watch the recordings  

John Dolbow's KEYNOTE seminar "Surfactant-driven Fracture of Particulate Rafts: the Mechanics Behind the Pepper Experiment" John_Dolbow_ March_17_2022.pdf (pdf 177 kB)  Watch the recordings .

Fredrik Lundell's Seminar "Preparation of nanostructured biomaterials with good mechanical properties and novel functions" Fredrik_Lundell_ Feb_24_2022.pdf (pdf 192 kB)  Watch the recordings   of the seminar.

Laura De Lorenzis KEYNOTE seminar “EUCLID: Efficient Unsupervised Constitutive Law Identification and Discovery” Laura DeLorenzis_ Feb_17_2022.pdf (pdf 178 kB)  Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

Davide Bigoni’s KEYNOTE seminar “Flutter instability, homogenization, and hypoelastic materials without a strain potential” Davide_Bigoni_Jan_13_2021.pdf (pdf 155 kB)  Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

Stefanie Reese’s KEYNOTE seminar “Multi-physics modeling of in-stent restenosis: theoretical aspects and finite element implementation” Stefanie_Reese_Nov_24_2021.pdf (pdf 205 kB)  Watch the recordings   of the seminar.

Samuel Forest's KEYNOTE seminar "Microstructural mechanics of plasticity in metallic porous media" Samuel_Forest_Oct_27_2021.pdf (pdf 228 kB)  Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

T.Christian Gasser’s seminar “Biomechanical rupture risk assessment of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Achievements, clinical relevance, and tissue modeling” T.Christian Gasser_Sept_30_2021.pdf (pdf 266 kB)   Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

Huajian Gao’s KEYNOTE seminar “Theory of controlled fragmentation in cold drawing: towards a mechanics-based technological platform for large-scale manufacturing of structures at the micro- and nanoscale” Huajian_Gao_Sept_23_2021.pdf (pdf 242 kB)  Watch the recordings  of the seminar.  

Michael Sacks’ KEYNOTE seminar “Neural Network-based Surrogate Computational Modeling of Myocardium: A new look at an old problem” Michael_Sacks_June_24_2021.pdf (pdf 210 kB)  Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

Wei Chen's KEYNOTE seminar "Data-Driven Design of Engineered Materials Systems" Wei_Chen_May_20_2021.pdf (pdf 186 kB)  Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

Artem Kulachenko’s seminar “Micromechanics of fiber networks. Applications to paper and packaging materials” Artem_Kulachenko_April_23_2021.pdf (pdf 170 kB)  Watch the recordings   from the seminar.

Alan Cocks' KEYNOTE seminar "Modelling Creep Deformation of Engineering Alloys at Different Scales" Alan_Cocks_April_15_2021.pdf (pdf 219 kB)  Watch the recordings  from the seminar.

Peter Gudmundson’s seminar “Micromechanics of lithium-ion battery electrodes” Peter_Gudmundson_March_30_2021.pdf (pdf 192 kB) . Watch the recordings  of the seminar.

Dennis M. Kochmann’s KEYNOTE seminar “Breaking with periodicity in architected cellular materials” Dennis_Kochmann_March_16_2021.pdf (pdf 286 kB)  See the recordings of the talk  and the discussion .

Jay D. Humphrey’s KEYNOTE seminar “Mechanical Homeostasis and Soft Tissue Growth and Remodeling” Jay_Humphrey_Feb_10_2021.pdf (pdf 158 kB)   Watch the recordings of the talk  and the discussion .

Thomas J.R. Hughes' KEYNOTE seminar "Isogeometric Analysis: Origins, Status and Recent Progress" Tom_Hughes_Jan_14_2021.pdf (pdf 164 kB)   Watch the recordings of the talk and the discussion .

Katia Bertoldi's KEYNOTE seminar "Multistable structures - from deployable structures to robots" Katia Bertoldi_Dec_15_2020.pdf (pdf 155 kB)   Watch the recordings from the talk  and the discussion .

Ole Sigmund's KEYNOTE seminar “Multi-scale Topology Optimization” Ole_sigmund_Nov_12_2020.pdf (pdf 153 kB)  Watch the recordings from the talk   and the discussion .

Marc Geer’s KEYNOTE seminar “Homogenization of dynamical and mechanical metamaterials” Marc_Geers_Oct_8_2020.pdf (pdf 232 kB)  Watch the recordings from the talk   and the discussion .

Vikram Deshpande’s KEYNOTE seminar “Hydrogen induced fast fracture” Vikram Deshpande_Sept_10_2020.pdf (pdf 178 kB)  Watch the recordings from the talk  and the discussion .

Denny Tjahjanto, “Mechanics of high-voltage subsea cables” Tjahjanto_Denny_Mar_2_2020.pdf (pdf 320 kB)  

Michel Grédiac, “Full-field measurements: from the development of efficient measuring tools to the reliable identification of material properties” Michel Grediac_October_31_2019.pdf (pdf 232 kB)

Ramesh Talreja, "Fundamental Issues in Characterizing and Modeling Fiber/matrix Interfaces and Their Impact on Failure Analysis of Polymer Matrix Composites" Ramesh_Talreja_October_14_2019.pdf (pdf 282 kB)

Shervin Bagheri “Porous material modeling for fluid flow control” Shervin Bagheri_Sept_10th_2019.pdf (pdf 227 kB)

Christian F. Niordson, “Size-effects in damage and fracture of metals” Christian F. Niordson_April_2nd_2019.pdf (pdf 213 kB)

Demetra Hadjiloizi, “Multiscale modeling of composite and reinforced structures” Demetra Hadjiloizi _Jan_30_2019.pdf (pdf 213 kB)

Elsiddig Elmukashfi, “Modelling of interfacial damage and mixed mode crack growth under creep conditions” Elsiddig Elmukashfi _November_8th_2018.pdf (pdf 293 kB)

Jean Smith, “Strategies for Obtaining High Fluence Materials to Assess IrradiationAssisted Degradation of Nuclear Power Plant Internals” Jean Smith _Oct_4th_2018.pdf (pdf 205 kB)

Nimal Rajapakse “Research in Mechanics of Materials for Energy Related Applications” Nimal Rajapakse _Sept_20th_2018.pdf (pdf 307 kB)

Craig J. Goergen, “Cardiovascular Imaging, Modeling, and Device Development” Craig J. Goergen_August_9th_2018.pdf (pdf 193 kB)

David M. Umulis, “Delineating mechanisms of gradient formation by BMPs in zebrafish embryo development” David M. Umulis _August_9th_2018.pdf (pdf 261 kB)

Janis Sliseris, “Multi-scale modeling of fiber reinforced materials” Janis Sliseris_Jan_31_2018.pdf (pdf 197 kB)

Jan-Olov Aidanpää, “Is it possible to analyze rotor dynamics for vertical rotors; a reflection of 15 years in hydropower research” Jan-Olov_Aidanpää_Dec_18_2017.pdf (pdf 261 kB)

Ioannis Stefanou, “Going beyond failure in (geo)mechanics: from bifurcation theory to strain localization and applications” Ioannis_Stefanou_Dec_8_2017.pdf (pdf 197 kB)

Sandra Loerakker “Growth and remodeling of native and tissue-engineered heart valves” Sandra_Loerakker_Nov_14_2017.pdf (pdf 236 kB)

David H. Allen, “Modeling Fatigue Cracking and Buckling of Rails” David_Allen_March_28_2017.pdf (pdf 216 kB)

Gustavo Gioia, “Kolmogorovian turbulence in transitional pipe flows” Gustavo Gioia_March_7_2017.pdf (pdf 394 kB)

Jörg Schröder, “State of the art and challenges in computational scale-bridging” Joerg_Schroeder_Feb_24_2017.pdf (pdf 253 kB)

Leif A. Carlsson “Water uptake in fibercomposites with voids” Leif A. Carlsson_Feb_9_2017.pdf (pdf 283 kB)

Frans N. van de Vosse, "Cardiovascular biomechanics: from mathematical models to clinical applications" Frans_VD_Vosse_Dec_19_2016.pdf (pdf 519 kB)

Gunay Anlas, "Fracture of Shape Memory Alloys" Gunay_Anlas_Dec_21_2016.pdf (pdf 374 kB)

Stephen Hall, "Quantitative 3D and 4D imaging of material structures and evolution" Stephen_Hall_June_3_2016.pdf (pdf 305 kB)

Alain Goriely, "Old and New Challenges in Brain Mechanics" Alain_goriely_March_16_2016.pdf (pdf 421 kB)

Malebogo Ngoepe, "Computational modelling of thrombosis in cerebral aneurysms" Malebogo_Ngoepe_June_1_2016.pdf (pdf 449 kB)

Marisol Koslowski, "Modeling of damage and failure of fiber reinforced polymer composites" Marisol_Koslovski_May_19_2016.pdf (pdf 390 kB)

John Leander, “Reliability-based fatigue assessment of existing steel bridges” John_Leander_May_3_2016.pdf (pdf 334 kB)

Peter McHugh, “Magnesium Biodegradable Stents: A Computational Test-Bed for Analysis and Design Assessment” Peter_McHugh_Jan_28th_2016.pdf (pdf 229 kB)

Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar, “On the deformation and failure of Al 6061-t6 at low triaxiality evaluated through multiscale experiments” Ravi-Chandar_Dec_17nd_2015.pdf (pdf 239 kB)

Svein Kleiven, “Computational Modelling of Human Head Injuries” Svein_Kleiven_November_10st_2015.pdf (pdf 337 kB)

Natzi Sakalihasan, “Functional imaging of aortic aneurysms, and how it impacts outcomes (PET/CT)” Sakalihasan_June_5th_2015.pdf (pdf 280 kB)  

Peter Wriggers, “Multiscale analysis applied to material modeling” Peter_Wriggers_March_2nd_2015.pdf (pdf 264 kB)

Christophe L. Martin, "Mechanics of Materials with Discrete Element Simulations" Christophe_Martin_Feb_12_2015.pdf (pdf 434 kB)

Anna Pandolfi, "Understanding and modeling the biomechanics of the human cornea" Anna_Pandolfi_Sept_17_2014.pdf (pdf 400 kB)

Pasi Kallio “Automatic Microrobotic Systems in Mechanical Characterization of Micro-scale Biomaterials” Pasi Kallio_June_12_2014.pdf (pdf 457 kB)

Anna Ask, “Electromechanic coupling in soft elastomers” Anna_Ask_Feb_28_2014.pdf (pdf 241 kB)  

Sarah C. Baxter, “Mechanics based Mechanical Percolation in Nanocomposites” Sarah Baxter Jan_23_2014.pdf (pdf 359 kB)

Christoph Augustin, "Strongly scalable parallel simulations of high-resolution models in computational cardiology" Christoph_Augustin_August_21_2014.pdf (pdf 441 kB)

Leif Kari, "Dynamic properties of ordinary and magneto-sensitive elastomers: experiments and modelling" Leif_Kari_Sept_25_2014.pdf (pdf 475 kB)

Nicholas Hill, “A Mathematical & Computational Model for the Propagation of the Pulmonary Pressure Pulse” Nick_Hill_March_18_2014.pdf (pdf 305 kB)

Adam Zdunek, "A computational form of Spencer’s theory for anisotropic finite hyperelasticity" PDF (pdf 227 kB)


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