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Muhammad is dealing with cutting-edge solutions for an aging infrastructure

Muhammad Shoaib Almas is a Postdoctoral research associate at the Department Electric Power and Energy Systems.

– I am a Postdoctoral research associate, currently working in a research group that is analyzing and simulating power systems of the future, like smart grids that can supply entire cities. We are developing new technologies to mitigate the effects of faults on power systems, hopefully allowing us to find innovative ways to make energy more affordable, effective and reliable. KTH is one of the best universities in the world for this type of research, I think.

– We are dealing with cutting-edge solutions for an aging infrastructure and the increased energy demands of the population. This is a global concern – our power systems – and the lab here at KTH has a ‘hardware in the loop’ facility, which is a real-time simulator coupled with actual power system components, like protection relays, to simulate large-scale power systems precisely. This is technology that only a few other universities in the world are equipped with. Master’s students can also look forward to a lot of industry interest in this area, as power engineers are highly sought-after in multinational companies like Siemens, ABB, Alstom and many more – they are always recruiting new, talented engineers.

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