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Scholarship from the Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology

The Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology, with extra support from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, offers the EDU-WACQT scholarship in Quantum Technology. Two scholarships are awarded each year. The scholarship is available for fee-paying students applying for the master's programme in Engineering Physics.

Scholarship content

The EDU-WACQT scholarship in Quantum Technology covers the tuition fee at KTH for the first and the second year, provided that the study results during the first year are satisfactory. The scholarship does not include living costs.

How to apply

You can apply for the EDU-WACQT scholarship in Quantum Technology through the same application form as the KTH Scholarship  when the application is open (1 December 2023–15 January 2024).


To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a fee-paying student, have applied for the master's programme in Engineering Physics as your first priority and paid the application fee. You must also take at least 15 ECTS Credits in Quantum Technology during your master's studies at KTH (minimum 7.5 ECTS credits in the first year and minimum 7.5 ECTS credits during the second year).

Selection process

The scholarship is awarded primarily on the basis of academic excellence and the selection process is undertaken in parallel with the admissions process. Only applicants who fulfil the admission requirements of the programme applied for are eligible for a scholarship. After the applicants have been assessed for admission, an assessment of applicants for the scholarship is made based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant's grades (GPA or equivalent)
  • The ranking of the university that awarded the applicant's bachelor's degree
  • The applicant's extracurricular research experiences or publications, relevant work experience, relevant teaching experience, awards from competitions and extracurricular activities

Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology

Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology (WACQT)  is a national research programme that aims to take Swedish research and industry to the forefront of quantum technology, spanning the full spectrum of quantum computing, communication and sensing. Besides building a high end quantum computer that can solve problems far beyond the reach of the best conventional supercomputers, the WACQT program encompasses also developing secure communication and sensing technologies based on the laws and unique features of quantum mechanics.