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Liangcheng paves the way for a future career in computer systems and networking through PhD studies

Liangcheng Yu graduated from the master’s programme in Information and Network Engineering in 2018. He is now about to start a PhD at the University of Pennsylvania.

Liangcheng Yu
Master's programme in Information and Network Engineering

Hi Liangcheng Yu, what have you been up to since leaving KTH?

Right after my studies at KTH I became a student research intern at the University of California, Berkeley. Soon, in the autumn of 2019, I will be starting my PhD in computer science focusing on computer systems and networking at the University of Pennsylvania.

As for other PhD students, the life pace is expected to be highly repetitive. Reading high-quality papers, discussing ideas with mentors or peers, practicing coding skills or enhancing the theoretical background and so forth will be part of my daily routine. The key theme of the PhD studies is to produce knowledge, hence, all these daily routines serve this purpose.

Is there anything specific you bring with you from your time at KTH?

KTH has been the turning point for me. During my undergraduate degree I was mostly involved in non-engineering subjects. The master programme at KTH provided me with the chance to develop the technical skills and interest in the networked systems domain. Professors at KTH are highly professional and knowledgeable and supportive in this domain and I am deeply thankful to them. Master’s studies at KTH offered me a great chance to study the fundamental courses in network communication and also gave me the opportunity for an internship in industry and well-known academic institutions such as ETH Zurich. During the two-year programme, I became determined to pursue further studies in the field of networked systems.

I personally think KTH and Stockholm offer a great atmosphere to focus on the things that interest you. The quiet, beautiful, and innovative city offers exactly the environment to calm down and think deeply about yourself, your life-long interests, your plans for the future. Even though the winter in Stockholm could be cold, I could feel the warmth of the people and the atmosphere. Studying in such an environment is an unforgettable experience in life.

I spent most of my time in southern China before studying at KTH. The experiences of walking through poetic snow to attend the lecture, staying in the warm indoors studying, these are the best memories of my KTH studies.

What are your plans for the future?

I will spend around five years doing my PhD. During this time, I will focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of and skills related to computer systems and networking, paving the way for a future career in the domain, no matter whether it is as a researcher, an engineer, or an entrepreneur.

What would you say to a student thinking of applying for this programme?

Two years can be long enough to if you want to start in a brand-new direction and develop a solid background for your future goals. Cherish the opportunity - and meanwhile enjoy your stay here!