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Maryam comes from Tehran, Iran. She completed her bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering at the KhajeNasir University of Technology in Tehran. She also has a master's degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Tehran. She is interested in travelling, socialising, food, movies, and sports, specifically squash and swimming. She is open to trying new activities and try to push herself out of her comfort zone.

Why did you choose this master's programme at KTH?

I have always been concerned about the impact of mankind's activities on the environment and passionate about reducing those footprints. After studying my previous studies, I realised that I want to integrate this personal passion with my studies and into my career. Having worked as a digital transformation researcher, I saw many opportunities of this happening, and I started searching for programmes that provided this mix of subjects. The master's programme in Sustainable Production Development at KTH seemed to be exactly what I had been looking for since I was aiming for experiencing an international setting as well.

What are the best aspects of your programme?

The programme is an interdisciplinary one bringing people from different backgrounds and industries together. The physical and collaborative proximity to industry and manufacturing companies makes this programme special. It provides students with the chance to have more insightful hands-on experiences with how the issues are and can be addressed in real life.

In addition, the interesting guest lectures from different well-known companies add to the insights that the courses provide and are one of the best aspects of the programme.

How do studies at KTH differ from your previous studies?

The first thing is the practical focus that KTH has on sustainability, which is something lacking in the programmes in my home country. Apart from that, the international environment at KTH, the open culture, the approachability of the lecturers, the closer relationship between students and teachers, and the focus on student-centred learning are the things that make this experience here quite different for me. Apart from the access to world-class, high-quality education, how KTH pays attention to various aspects of your life (such as different fun extracurricular student activities and students' mental health, especially in a pandemic like the one we are in) is really admiring.

How is student life in Stockholm?

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited so far. I love its mixture of urban life and nature just around the corner. In my experience, Stockholm is very welcoming to international students. There are many opportunities, especially provided by KTH and THS, for students to experience a rich and fun student life here. Since I started my studies in the middle of the pandemic, the activities I took part in and the places I went to were, of course, more limited than before. However, I cannot imagine having been in any other city than in Stockholm.

How would you describe your time at KTH so far?

Being at KTH is truly one of the highlights of my life. Being a member of such a prestigious institute, surrounded by internationally competitive faculty and talented students, and learning cutting-edge topics along with building networks and friendships in a safe environment, has made this experience really valuable to me.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master's studies?

Being a part of KTH has opened my eyes to a new level of efforts towards sustainability in the industry and has expanded my horizons. I would highly recommend anyone with a passion for sustainability and interested in studying technical subjects in an innovative environment paired with practical opportunities to consider studying at KTH. I recommend making good use of your time at KTH and being as active as you can in your studies and extracurricular activities. The master's programmes at KTH prepare you for a prospering future, be it a PhD path or in industry.