KTH-CSC Programme

KTH-CSC Programme is based on the agreement between KTH and the China Scholarship Council (CSC), a number of scholarships can be offered to Chinese citizens applying to KTH. According to the agreement, each year the available scholarships are up to degree-seeking PhD students (50), guest doctoral students (20) and visiting scholars (5).

Rules and policy for entry 2020

Due to the changes of the Higher Education Ordinance (chapter 7, paragraph 36) for doctoral students with scholarships, the following rules now apply:

  • Doctoral students admitted from July 1 2018 should be financed by scholarship for four years. And the scholarship should meet the income requirements of KTH for doctoral students, therefore the scholarship structure of CSC-KTH programme is: CSC scholarship + additional scholarship.
  • KTH schools should set up an additional scholarship, and the additional scholarship should be only provided by external financiers who have given due written approval. Apart from top-up doctoral scholarships, no KTH scholarships are allowed for doctoral education.
  • The additional scholarship should be arranged by responsible supervisors. it should be equal to the difference between the CSC-scholarship and ”doktorandstegen” (salary grades for doctoral student employment) after taxes. CSC awards scholarships of 15,000 SEK/month. Equivalent level of “doktorandstegen” at KTH after tax deduction from 2019-11-01 is:
    Level 1: 23,000 SEK/month
    Level 2: 23,500 SEK/month
    Level 3: 25,000 SEK/month
    Level 4: 26,000 SEK/month
  • Additional scholarships should be worked out in consultation with the school’s human resources manager and/or head of administration. The final decision is made by the head of the school. ​ More information about additional scholarships
  • Qualified candidate will receive Invitation Letter signed by Vice President of KTH. Any Invitation Letter issued by individule professor at KTH will NOT be valid for CSC scholarship application. More information concerning how to apply at CSC, please visit CSC official website: www.csc.edu.cn

Information concerning Covid-19

Due to the situation of Covid-19, KTH has made decision that the earliest starting time for newly admitted KTH-CSC students/researchers for autumn semester is Oct. 1, 2020.

General academic entry requirements

  • Equivalent to a Swedish master's degree when you start your PhD studies at KTH (master's degree or at least two years of study in combined “Master+PhD” programmes at recognised Chinese universities)
  • English proficiency for PhD (including Guest Doctoral Study) applicants: IELTS (Academic) 6.5 overall (no subscore below 5.5) or TOEFL (iBT) 90 (written, minimum 20). This requirement is waived if English is the only language of instruction for your current or previous level of studies.

Available positions

We are pleased to announce that the positions for KTH-CSC programme for entry of academic year 2020 are ready, the folllowing types of positions are available for applicants to apply:

  • Full PhD study: 48 months
    Qualified applicants will be admitted and registered as PhD students at KTH for 48 months. Additional scholarship is required.
  • Guest doctoral study : 6 – 24 months (no degree awarded)
    Qualified applicants will NOT be admitted and registered as PhD students at KTH.
  • Visiting scholar: 3 – 12 months
    Qualified applicants must be employed by university or organisation in China.

How to apply

(Application deadline: Jan. 10, 2020)

  1. Find the position that you want to apply in Available Positions for Entry 2020.
  2. Fill in online application form: Online Application Form
  3. Submit the following required documents to: kth-china@kth.se before the application deadline Jan. 10, 2020 (The application documents must be scanned and compressed into ONE PDF document, the subject of the email should be: Reg. no. + your full name).

  Required application documents 2020

  • A signed KTH-CSC Application Checklist, Entry 2020.pdf (pdf 243 kB)
  • Certified copies of your transcripts of records (from undergraduate level till now). If these are in a language other than English, certified copies of the original documents and a translation will be required. This is required for Degree-seeking PhD and Guest Doctoral Study applicants only.
  • Certified copies of your university degree certificate (from both undergraduate and graduate levels).If you have not completed your studies, please include a written statement from your department, school or university, giving your expected completion date. If these are in a language other than English, certified copies of the original documents and a translation will be required. This is required for Degree-seeking PhD and Guest Doctoral Study applicants only.
  • Proof of English proficiency. A copy of the test results provided by TES or British Council. Please do NOT request ETS/British Council to send to KTH directly. The proof of English proficiency may be waived if English is the only language of instruction of your current or previous studies.
  • CV including education and professional experiences.
  • A list of Publications (only the titles are needed).

Important dates:

  • Deadline for application: Jan. 10, 2020
  • Distribution of KTH official Invitation Letter: Beginning of March, 2020 due to postponed application time at CSC.

General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

The new regulation concerning personal data is in place since May, 2018. Please read the text in GDPR for KTH-CSC programme (pdf 294 kB) before you apply.


If you have any question about CSC-KTH programme, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Hui Jansons
International Coordinator
International Relations Office
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
+46 8 790 6838