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Artistic direction

The opera "The Tale of the Great Computing Machine" is produced by KTH in collaboration with Internationall Vadstena-Akademinen under direction of Carl and Åsa Unander-scharin.

Åsa and Carl Unander-Scharin

Human mechanics and soulful machines – in composer Carl Unander-Scharin and choreographer Åsa Unander-Scharin’s artistry meets advanced technology, choreography and music. Scrap and machine parts build unique robots and puppets, brought to life with body and voice through Åsa’s movements and Carl’s music.

Opera Mecatronica is the result of a long collaboration between them.

Opera Mecatronica

Åsa and Carl Unander-Scharin
Photo: Mats Bäcker


Vadstena-Akademinen has a given place in todays national opera life. They have also attracted great international publicity for their special combination of musical-dramatic history and contemporary. They give both the participants and the audience the chance to encounter operas that are not part of the mainstream repertoire.

Vadstena-Akademien provides an established road to professional life for young singers, musicians and for practioners of other crafts involved in the world of opera.


Vadstena-Akademins logotyp
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Last changed: Sep 08, 2022