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Studying abroad!

KTH works with many of the best technical universities all over the world so that its students can study part of their courses in, for example, USA, India or China. We can help you to find the courses that fit with your study subjects, the only question is - where do you want to go?

Memories for life

Studies abroad are usually the times you remember best from your student days. They bring masses of experience and exposure to new cultures. You come into contact with students from different parts of the world who use different value sets and live in other ways. This expands your frame of reference. Working or studying in another country brings insight and understanding you can never get from being a tourist.

Also, university years are probably the time in their lives when most people find it easiest to move to another country for a longer period. Remember the intention is that your time abroad is part of your KTH studies so your degree period will not be prolonged because of it.

KTH opens doors

Thanks to the fact that KTH is an extremely well-known and popular university with foreign students, there is a broad range of exchange agreements for KTH students to choose from. With KTH's more than 250 exchange agreements, its students enjoy the opportunity to study at some of the most prestigious, highest-ranking universities in the world. Remember, as an exchange student you do not have to pay any university tuition fees.

Examples of where KTH students go

The best way of improving your chances on the labour market

Swedish companies place a high value on engineers with international experience and good language skills. Studies abroad bring both academic and personal qualifications, make your CV more attractive and give you a competitive edge.

Almost one in three KTH graduates has studied abroad at one of the KTH partner universities or carried out their degree project abroad. More than 60% of the Master of Science in Engineering KTH graduates who studied abroad feel that it helped them to get a better job.

"Without my language skills I would not have been considered for all the projects I have worked on. Technical qualifications and language skills together are still fairly unusual."

Extract from the travel report of an exchange student at Ecole Polytechnique.

"The University of Melbourne has one of the world's best engineering schools. This means that many students expect great things from the school, and that the school does everything to fulfil these expectations."

Extract from the travel report of an exchange student at University of Melbourne.

"Imperial College London hosts international students from all over the world, so during my year there I could learn about several different cultures and got myself an international contact network."

Extract from the travel report of an exchange student at Imperial College London. 

Take the chance!

We hope that this page has inspired you to study abroad. Contact the International Coordinator at your School for further information about your opportunities!

International Coordinators at Schools