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"An Inspiring & Passionate Leader Bringing the Best Out of People" - Interview with Tigran Haas

Published Jun 25, 2020

CIO Views magazine published a cover story on CFP director Tigran Haas on the occasion of being chosen as one of "The 10 Revolutionary CEOs to Watch out for 2020".

"...what are the qualities that bring out the best in a leader. One might say a leader is someone who develops well-rounded leadership qualities that empower his team; confidence; openness, emotional agility and resourcefulness; focus; honesty and integrity; positive stance; improvisation when needed; decisiveness; creativity; ability to inspire and ability to bring the best out of people; effective communication; accountability; empathy is essential for strong leadership; humility is one of the most important leadership traits; vision; courage; strategic seeing and strong cooperation... Dr. Tigran Haas is a living example of someone who believes in doing right things at a right time."

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