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The Strip Urbanism & Beyond: Las Vegas from the Inside Out

Published Jun 12, 2018

The Athena Talks Series is an annual international conference on a leading urbanism paradigm and its relationship to the phenomenon of Public Places and Urban Spaces. The Athena Talks brings the brightest minds, most engaging speakers, and influential people to KTH campus; the Center wants to encourage thought-provoking conversations and genesis of new ideas.

This year's Athena Talks on 11th June, done together with the Masters Studies in Urbanism and the UN Habitat International Universities focused on the THE STRIP: URBANISM & BEYOND - Las Vegas from the Inside Out with Robert Fishman, Stefan Al, Leah Meisterlin, Aseem Inam Catherine Borg, Jesper Meijling and Tigran Haas. The core of this seminar was the idea of (Re)Learning from Las Vegas: what the Strip can teach us about urban planning and what consequences this has on the city's form, economy and social processes as this form is not just an American phenomenon but it has been exported globally to all corners of the world.

Belongs to: Centre for the Future of Places
Last changed: Jun 12, 2018