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FFF Seminar: Co-designed, Collocated and Playful Interactions

For our next FFF seminar, Prof Andres Lucero from Aalto University will offer a presentation titled "Co-designed, Collocated and Playful Interactions". We hope to see you there!

Time: Fri 2021-04-09 13.00

Location: Online

Participating: Andrés Lucero - Aalto University

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Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets were originally conceived and have traditionally been utilized for individual use. Early research on mobile collocated interactions often encouraged people to share their devices to create a collective experience or reach a common goal. Most first-wave mobile collocated interactions research looked at the use of smartphones (and tablets) and tended to be device-centric, while a current second wave that focuses on the increasing popularity of wearables is experience-centric. In this talk I will discuss the co-design approach and methods used to create collocated and playful interactions, and present future directions for a third wave of research on mobile collocated interactions.

Andrés Lucero is Associate Professor of Interaction Design at Aalto University. His work focuses on the design and evaluation of novel interaction techniques for mobile devices and other interactive surfaces. He received his MA degree in Visual Communication Design from Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (1999), PDEng in User-System Interaction from Eindhoven University of Technology (2004), and PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Eindhoven University of Technology (2009). His research interests include human-computer interaction, design, and play.