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FFF Seminar: Let's build the feminist technologies we need!

We're glad to invite you to our next FFF seminar. This Friday we will be hearing from developer and sociologist Marie Kochsiek, who will give a talk titled “Let's build the feminist technologies we need!”.

Time: Fri 2023-03-10 13.00

Location: Online

Language: English

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As a software developer and sociologist, Marie Kochsiek (she/her) is particularly interested in the intersections between societies, technologies and sexual health. She is an active member of the Heart of Code, a feminist hackspace in Berlin. With a team of three she started the drip project, a free and open source period tracking app.

Some background info:
"We are developing the drip app to make fertility and period tracking technology more transparent but also more secure, so that people who menstruate can use technology that serves as a tool to help getting to know their own bodies and health better without worrying about their data being used in ways they are not aware of.

The idea for drip was born out of a disillusionment with period apps available on the market. We wanted an app that does not share or commodify our data, an app that illustrates menstruation without butterflies and flowers, an app that implements algorithms based on science.

So we decided to build our own period app: non-commercial, free and gender-neutral, using scientific methods for fertility awareness, as well as being secure and open source. Participatory, safe, feminist."

We hope to see you there!