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Haptics and Sonification

Illustration of sonification

The main research objective in this project was to investigate if and how task performance and perceived intuitiveness is affected when interactive sonification and/or haptic feedback is used to provide real-time feedback about a movement performed in a 3D virtual environment. Emphasis was put on task solving efficiency and subjective accounts of participants’ experiences of the multimodal interaction in different conditions.

Two different sound models were implemented and compared. The main finding of this project was that multimodal feedback can not only improve perceived intuitiveness of an interface but that certain combinations of haptic feedback and movement sonification can also contribute with performance-enhancing properties. This highlights the importance of carefully designing feedback combinations for interactive applications.


  • Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Professor at Royal Institute of Technology
  • Emma Frid, PhD at Royal Institute of Technology
  • Jonas Moll, Assistant Professor at Örebro University
  • Roberto Bresin, Professor at Royal Institute of Technology


VR NT, Swedish Research Council