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Research at the department

The industrial production area is broad, multidisciplinary and encompasses many different types of issues. We have three main areas for research and education, focusing on different aspects of the manufacturing process. Each main area has research sub-themes.

Production Management and Logistics

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Production Management

Addressing issues at different levels of the production organisation and decision making structure, improving preconditions for more efficient development and operations of lean and green production systems.

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Production Logistics

The research in Production Logistics concerns both the digitisation of all processes, and the need for radical transformation towards an environmentally sustainable production. Two things that will change the role of production logistics in the flows of goods and information.

Industrial Production Systems


Human-Robot Systems

The research is in the domain of integration of cutting edge IT technologies in manufacturing. We also work with the idea of the digital factory. The technical dimension is coupled with the strategic one through the concept of business models.


Enablers of Advanced Production

The strategic research in industrial dependability for operation and maintenance focuses on a wide variety of application areas, from aerospace and nuclear industries to automotive and pharmaceutical industry.

Manufacturing & Metrology Systems

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Circular Manufacturing Systems

The Circular Manufacturing Systems group works on the forefront of Circular Economy and tackles important research topics such as the complex assesment of circularity, the impacts on the Sustainability Development Goals, and the requirements for effective transition enabling change.

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Manufacturing Machines and Processes

The Manufacturing Machines and Processes group researches advanced and competitive concepts to enable the processing of new materials and innovative additive and subtractive manufacturing systems, providing industry ready solutions for a resilient and efficient production.


Precision Engineering and Metrology

The Precision Engineering and Metrology team covers the whole spectrum of precision engineering from the component surface to manufacturing systems and robotics, by researching innovative manufacturing and measurement systems, applications of advanced algorithms for data-driven decision-making, and physics-based simulations.