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Accepted publications in November and December

Published Jan 25, 2023

The following papers from researchers at RPL has been accepted to various events this past month:

  • Giovanni Luca Marchetti, Vladislav Polianskii, Anastasiia Varava, Florian Pokorny, and Danica Kragic "An Efficient and Continuous Voronoi Density Estimator" Accepted to AIStats 2023
  • Giovanni Luca Marchetti*, Gustaf Tegnér*, Anastasiia Varava, and Danica Kragic "Equivariant Representation Learning via Class-Pose Decomposition" Accepted to AIStats 2023
  • Matteo Iovino, Julian Förster, Pietro Falco, Jen Jen Chung, Roland Siegwart, and Christian Smith "On the programming effort required to generate Behavior Trees and Finite State Machines for robotic applications" Accepted to IEEE ICRA 2023

  • Maciej Wozniak, Rebecca Stower, Patric Jensfelt, Andre Pereira "What you see is (not) what you get: A VR Framework for Correcting Robot Errors" Accepted to HRI2023 Late Breaking Reports

  • Maria Teresa Parreira, Sarah Gillet, Katie Winkle, Iolanda Leite "How Did We Miss This? A Case Study on Unintended Biases in Robot Social Behavior" Accepted to HRI2023 in the alt.HRI track

  • Daniel Marta, Simon Holk, Christian Pek, Jana Tumova, Iolanda Leite "Aligning Human Preferences with Baseline Objectives in Reinforcement Learning" Accepted to IEEE ICRA 2023

  • Alberta Longhini, Marco Moletta, Alfredo Reichlin, Michael C. Welle, Alexander Kravberg, Yufei Wang, David Held, Zackory Erickson, and Danica Kragic "Elastic Context: Encoding Elasticity for Data-driven Models of Textiles" Accepted to IEEE ICRA 2023

  • Alberta Longhini*, Marco Moletta*, Alfredo Reichlin, Michael C. Welle, David Held, Zackory Erickson, Danica Kragic "EDO-Net: Learning Elastic Properties of Deformable Objects from Graph Dynamics" Accepted to IEEE ICRA 2023

  • Fereidoon Zangeneh, Leonard Bruns, Amit Dekel, Alessandro Pieropan, and Patric Jensfelt "A Probabilistic Framework for Visual Localization in Ambiguous Scenes" Accepted to IEEE ICRA 2023

  • Matti Vahs, Christian Pek, and Jana Tumova "Risk-aware Spatio-temporal Logic Planning in Gaussian Belief Spaces" Accepted to IEEE ICRA 2023