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Accepted publications: January

Published Feb 23, 2023

The following papers from researchers at RPL has been accepted to various events this past month:

  • Rebecca Stower, Rania Abdelghani, Marias Tschopp, Keegan Evangelista, Mohamed Chetouani, and Arvid Kappas "Exploring Space for Robot Mistakes in Child Robot Interactions" Accepted to Interaction Studies

  • Corentin Boucher, Rebecca Stower, Vivek Shankar Varadharajan, Elisabetta Zibetti, Florent Levillain, and David St-Onge "Motion-based communication for robotic swarms in exploration missions" Published in Autonomous Robots

  • Daniel Sabel, Torbjörn Westin, and Atsuto Maki "3D Point Cloud Registration for GNSS-denied Aerial Localization over Forests" Accepted to Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis 2023

  • Thien-Minh Nguyen, Daniel Duberg, Patric Jensfelt, Shanghai Yuan, and Lihua Xie " SLICT: Multi-Input Multi-Scale Surfel-Based Lidar-Inertial Continuous-Time Odometry and Mapping" Published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters