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Accepted publications: March

Published Apr 27, 2023

The following papers from researchers at RPL has been accepted to various events this past month:

  • Georg Schuppe, Illaria Torre, Iolanda Leite, and Jana Tumova "Follow my Advice: Assume-Guarantee Approach to Task Planning with Human in the Loop" accepted at RSS 2023
  • Xiaomeng Zhu, Talha Bilal, Pär Mårtensson, Lars Hanson, Mårten Björkman, and Atsuto Maki "Towards Sim-to-Real Industrial Parts Classification with Synthetic Dataset" accepted at CVPR workshop 1st workshop on Vision-based InduStrial InspectiON
  • Wei Wang, Georg Schuppe, and Jana Tumova "Decentralized Multi-agent Coordination under MITL Specifications and Communication Constraints" accepted at MED 2023