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Accepted publications: March

Published May 22, 2024

The following papers from researchers at RPL has been accepted to various events this past month:

  • Daniel Marta*, Simon Holk*, Christian Pek, and Iolanda Leite "SEQUEL: Semi-Supervised Preference-based RL with Query Synthesis via Latent Interpolation" Accepted to ICRA 2024 

  • Simon Holk, Daniel Marta, and Iolanda Leite "POLITE: Preferences Combined with Highlights in Reinforcement Learning" Accepted to ICRA 2024 

  • Yifei Dong, and Florian T. Pokorny "Quasi-static Soft Fixture Analysis of Rigid and Deformable Objects" Accepted to ICRA 2024 

  • Muhammad Zahid, and Florian T. Pokorny "CloudGripper: An Open Source Cloud Robotics Testbed for Robotic Manipulation Research, Benchmarking and Data Collection at Scale" Accepted to ICRA 2024 

  • Kaiyuan Chen (UC Berkeley), Jeffrey Ichnowski (CMU), Simeon Adebola (UC Berkeley), Trinity Chung (UC Berkeley), Florian T Pokorny (KTH), John Kubiatowicz (UC Berkeley), and Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley) "Cloud and Fog Robotics: A Hands-on Tutorial with ROS2 and FogROS2"Accepted Tutorial at IEEE ICRA 2024

  • Zehang Weng, Haofei Lu, Jens Lundell, and Danica Kragic "CAPGrasp: An R3x SO(2)-equivariant Continuous Approach-Constrained Generative Grasp Sampler" Accepted by IEEE RA-L

  • Mart Kartasev and Petter Ögren "Improving the performance of Learned Controllers in Behavior Trees using Value Function Estimates at Switching Boundaries" Accepted by IEEE RA-L

  • Silvia Zuffi (IMATI-CNR), Ylva Mellbin (SLU), Ci Li (KTH), Markus Hoeschle (MPI-IS), Hedvig Kjellstrom (KTH), Senya Polikovsky (MPI-IS), Elin Hernlund (SLU), Michael J. Black (MPI-IS) "VAREN: Very Accurate and Realistic Horse Network" Accepted to CVPR 2024

  • Truls Nyberg*, Jonne van Haastregt*, and Jana Tumova "Highway-Driving with Safe Velocity Bounds on Occluded Traffic" Accepted to ICRA 2024 

  • Matti Vahs and Jana Tumova "Risk-aware Control for Robots with Non-Gaussian Belief Spaces" Accepted to ICRA 2024

  • Qingwen Zhang, Yi Yang, Heng Fang, Ruoyu Geng, and Patric Jensfelt "DeFlow: Decoder of Scene Flow Network in Autonomous Driving" Accepted to ICRA 2024

  • Alexis Linard*, Anna Gautier*, Daniel Duberg, and Jana Tumova "Robust MITL Planning Under Uncertain Navigation Time" Accepted to ICRA 2024

  • Matti Vahs and Jana Tumova "Non-smooth Control Barrier Functions for Stochastic Dynamical Systems"  Accepted to ECC 2024

  • Ajinkya Khoche, Aron Asefaw, Alejandro Gonzalez, Timus Bogdan, Sina Sharif Mansouri, and Patric Jensfelt "Addressing Data Annotation Challenges in Multiple Sensors: A Solution for Scania Collected Datasets" Accepted to ECC 2024

  • Thien-Minh Nguyen, …., Maciej Woźniak, and Patric Jensfelt, "MCD: Diverse Large-Scale Multi-Campus Dataset for Robot Perception" Accepted to CVPR 2024