Application - Pre-sessional course in English

Welcome to KTH!

This is where you can sign up for the pre-sessional English course that runs between 4-21 August 2020. The application period is May 15-31, after which vacancies are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Fee-paying students, or scholarship holders within this category, commencing their Master's studies at KTH autumn 2020 have priority. All other international students commencing their Master's studies at KTH autumn 2020 can apply and are welcome subject to vacancies.

If you have already applied for an intensive course in Swedish in August, please check with your study advisor at your home university to make sure that you can take a course in English instead. If you can, you are welcome to apply. Please contact your study advisor at KTH  as soon as possible upon receiving a confirmation of your place on the English course. Ask him/her to cancel your place on the Swedish course because you wish to take part in the English course instead.

The application form below is available on this page between May 15 and 31.

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