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Objective writing

Science tends to be objective: its conclusions should hold regardless of who the scientists and writers are. For that reason, a focus on theories, methods and results is often necessary to achieve an objective style.

Less objective (researcher-focused):

(1a) Researchers have tried to design several methods to meet this privacy goal.

More objective (method-focused):

(1b) Several methods have been designed to meet this privacy goal.

Less objective (direct address with you):

(2a) In Table 2, you can see a downward trend in the European markets.

More objective (omitted you):

(2b) In Table 2, the results show a downward trend in European markets.

Example (1b) demonstrates effective use of the passive: have been designed. However, an objective style does not require an unthinking use of the passive voice. Note that example (2b) uses the active voice: the results show. Example (2a) uses the personal pronoun you, which is less objective and should be avoided. The pronoun we, however, does not necessarily have to be avoided, as shown on the next page.

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