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Department of Machine Design

We work with product development in the broadest sense – with everything from innovation management and design methods to surface- and component development and design of engineering systems.

Units and competence centers

The Department of Machine Design consists of three units that conduct their own research and education. We have three competence centers working closely with the industry and providing research-related infrastructure.


Social benefits – impact

The garment as a prototype next to a picture of a girl playing basket ball in the suit.
In 2009, the Exopulse suit was just a prototype. Today, the garment improves motion range and reduces pain for hundreds of people with brain disorders as MS or dysfunctions from stroke.

Pain reducing tech suit on export

Garments designed to reduce pain and spasms for patients with brain damage – yes, this is done at KTH. More than ten years ago, researchers Johan Gawell and Jonas Wistrand at the Department of Machine...

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Woman sits in chair with phone
Study when, and how, it suits you - that's crucial in modern pedagogy for complementary education. Photo:, Unsplash

PECA starts educating Swedish industry

Swedish industry lack updated knowledge in many technologies. Now, KTH's industrial network ICES is about to change that when launching its pilot project, PECA. Here, professional educators are able t...

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Highest citation and best paper for unusual trio

Three ITM Professors from two different departments form the team behind JMS Best Paper Award for 2020 – celebrating the highest citations during five years. The cooperation is a little unusual, but i...

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The social benefits of the ITM school - Impact

For employees 

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