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Recent publications

Here the 25 most recent publications within the Unit of Mechatronics are listed.

S. Kaalen et al., "A Stochastic Extension of Stateflow," in ICPE 22: Proceedings of the 2022 ACM/SPEC on International Conference on Performance Engineering, 2022, pp. 211-222.
P. Su and D. Chen, "Using Fault Injection for the Training of Functions to Detect Soft Errors of DNNs in Automotive Vehicles," in New Advances in Dependability of Networks and Systems, 2022, pp. 308-318.
K. Nazem Tahmasebi and D. Chen, "A Fault Injection Tool for Identifying Faulty Operations of Control Functions in Automated Driving Systems," in New Advances in Dependability of Networks and Systems : Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Conference on Dependability of Computer Systems DepCoS-RELCOMEX, June 27 – July 1, 2022, Wrocław, Poland, 2022.
T. Nyberg et al., "Evaluating Sequential Reasoning about Hidden Objects in Traffic," in ICCPS '22: Proceedings of the 13th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, 2022.
X. Zhang et al., "Finding Critical Scenarios for Automated Driving Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study," IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, pp. 1-1, 2022.
M. Parseh, "Pre-crash Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Unavoidable Collision Scenarios," Doctoral thesis Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-ITM-AVL, 2022:15, 2022.
Q. Ji et al., "Customized protective visors enabled by closed loop controlled 4D printing," Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 1, 2022.
Q. Ji et al., "Synthesizing the optimal gait of a quadruped robot with soft actuators using deep reinforcement learning," Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, vol. 78, pp. 102382-102382, 2022.
J. Ding et al., "Integration of modeling and verification for system model based on KARMA language," in DSM 2021 - Proceedings of the 18th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling, co-located with SPLASH 2021, 2021, pp. 41-50.
Q. Song et al., "An Industrial Workbench for Test Scenario Identification for Autonomous Driving Software," in Proceedings - 3rd IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Testing, AITest 2021, 2021, pp. 81-82.
Z. Li et al., "A Bibliometric Analysis on Model-based Systems Engineering," in ISSE 2021 - 7th IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering, Proceedings, 2021.
L. Svensson et al., "Traction Adaptive Motion Planning and Control at the Limits of Handling," IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, pp. 1-17, 2021.
L. Svensson and M. Törngren, "Fusion of Heterogeneous Friction Estimates for Traction Adaptive Motion Planning and Control," in Proceedings IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITSC 2021, 2021, pp. 424-431.
R. -. Wang et al., "Research progress on test scenario of autonomous driving," Jiaotong Yunshu Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 21-37, 2021.
G. Sten, L. Feng and B. Möller, "A Reconfigurable Test Platform For Developing Autonomous articulated Pendulum-Arm Suspension Forest Machines," in Proceedings of the 20th International and 9th Americas Conference of the ISTVS, 2021.
T. Liu, L. Feng and S. Fu, "Computationally Efficient Energy Management for a Hybrid Electric Racing Car by Binary Model Predictive Control and Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle," in 34th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS34), 2021.
Y. Wang, L. Feng and K. Andersson, "A position control-based approach to haptic rendering of stiff objects using piece-wise linear model," Advances in Mechanical Engineering, vol. 13, no. 12, 2021.
F. Rahimi, "Holistic Multidisciplinary Method for Optimization of Mechatronic Systems," International Journal of Mechatronics and Automation, vol. 8, no. 2, 2021.
N. Subasic and H. Johansson, "Interactive Assignments in Electro Courses at MDA," in Interactive Assignments in Electro Courses at MDA, 2021.
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