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CIM Best Paper Award 2012

Published Apr 29, 2013

Jens Hemphälä and Mats Magnusson, researchers at KTH Machine Design, has for their article "Networks for Innovation - But What Networks and What Innovation?" CIM won Best Paper Award 2012.

The article, published in the journal Creativity and Innovation Management, is about that individuals and business innovation capability depends largely on social networks. Previous research points to two conflicting hypotheses to explain the mechanism behind this relationship. This study explains that both hypotheses are right, but they are dependent on the type of innovation - radical or incremental. Results of previous research have been shared because different studies have used different measures of innovation.

The prize will be awarded to Jens and Mats on CINET conference in Nijmegen in September 2013.

More information about the article " Networks for Innovation - But What Networks and What Innovation? " and CIM Best Paper Award .