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Merging art with cutting edge technology

A woman interacting with the robot sculpture.
Published Feb 17, 2021

What do you get if you combine art and advanced technology? Well, for example, the artwork Being Unthinkable - a robot sculpture that is floating four meters above the ground at IBM's headquarters in Kista.

The robot sculpture looks like a squid
The robot uses AI to change its shape.

The artwork is created by the artist duo DiPisaStasinski and is developed in collaboration with IBM Sweden and nine students from the master's program in mechatronics at KTH.

The art installation, which has taken almost three years to complete, was inaugurated a week ago. The sculpture is described like a giant robotic octopus that, with the help of IBM's artificial intelligence system – Watson - and with philosophy as its theme, changes shape through an interactive exchange with viewers.

The protoype with both hardware and software, has been developed at KTH during a longer period of time, in close collaboration with the artists and IBM. IBM has thereafter taken over the project and honed the artwork so that it is robust enough to be launched.

Björn Möller, responsible for the mechatronics course, admits that the combination of engineers / artists has sometimes been demanding:

”It was not always easy. We think in very different ways, which is challenging. The project has taught both teachers and students a lot. The fact that IBM has been a central part of the project financially has made it easier. We are very pleased with the result and hope the artwork will develop and live long under IBM's wings.”

Text: Anna Gullers

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