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Planning and Designing new Work Environments

One of the most important strategies for prevention and work environment improvement is planning/designing of new buildings and equipment.

For healthy and productive working environments preventive work provides the greatest opportunities to influence at the lowest costs. An occupational health service that is competent and experienced can make a big improvement within this area, especially for smaller companies that do not have their own specialists and as design of new buildings and purchases of new equipment occur very rarely. The aim of this project was to increase organizations’ opportunities to get support from their Occupational Health Service within the area of designing and planning new or rebuilding premises as well as equipment acquisition. In order to do so the project assembled knowledge in form of requirements specifications, good examples, documents, planning documents, methods as well as procedures that simplifies the implementation of and participation in the planning and design processes. A network among Occupational Health Services and their executives was formed in order to acquire experiences as well as developing and distributing knowledge. The results of the project are being circulated openly, for example through the "Competence Center for Occupational Health." Since the project is conducted at the Unit of Ergonomics, which is also responsible for the training of Occupational Health Service staff, the project results is beneficial in many years to come.

Project period: 2013-2016
Funding: AFA Insurance
Amount: 3 200 000
Project leader: Professor Jörgen Eklund