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Selected reading materials for RTC workshops

Below are PDF files with reading material for some of the workshops in the RTC. Please note that not all reading material will be made available in this way, but that students are responsible for finding most reading material on their own.

To find out if the material you are interested is included here just look for the name of the workshop leader in the list below.


Thorvardur Arnason (workshop 10)

Jones&Stenseke 2011_ELC (pdf 3.2 MB)

Phillips 2003-New Paradigm, Protected Areas, IUCN (pdf 168 kB)

Colyvan 2009_Philosophical issues in Ecology (pdf 67 kB)


Greg Garrard (workshop 9a)

A Fable for Tomorrow (pdf 343 kB)

The Truth of Ecology (pdf 3.6 MB)

The World Without Us (pdf 2.3 MB)

Writing for an Endangered World (pdf 2.0 MB)


Heather Goodall (workshop 3a)

Fishing the GR (pdf 1.5 MB)

Katarapko (pdf 2.3 MB)


Dolly Jørgensen (workshop 8b)

Schatzki - nature and technology in history (pdf 3.7 MB)

boyden (pdf 398 kB)


Finn Arne Jørgensen (workshop 7b)

Williams (pdf 1.1 MB)


Karl-Johan Lindholm (workshop 3b)

Hardin (1968) (pdf 139 kB)

Feeney (1990) (pdf 2.8 MB)


Peter Mortensen (workshop 5b)

PM readings (pdf 2.6 MB)


Richard Norgaard (workshop 2)

Ecological Civilization Claremont June 2010 (pdf 850 kB)

GualNorgaardCoevolution09 (pdf 340 kB)

KallisNorgaardCoevolution2010 (pdf 677 kB)

NorgaardKallisContradictions2011 (pdf 206 kB)


Christopher Oscarson (workshop 7a)

Foucault--Order of Things--Classifying (pdf 2.2 MB)

Oscarson--Linnaeus 1907 (pdf 1.2 MB)

Sarewitz--Science and Environmental Policy (pdf 1.2 MB)

Linnaeus--extracts (pdf 2.1 MB)


Libby Robin & Sverker Sörlin (workshop 6a)

Field of Silence 1 (PDF 82 kB)

Field of Silence 2 (PDF 77 kB)

Field of Silence 3 (PDF 70 kB)

Field of Silence 4 (PDF 49 kB)

Northing 1 (PDF 1.1 MB)

Northing 2 (PDF 56 kB)

Northing 3 (PDF 1.1 MB)

Northing 4 (PDF 75 kB)


Kate Soper (workshop 4a)

Alternative Hedonism (pdf 811 kB)

HUMSGuard.KS (pdf 49 kB)

Queen Mary eco (pdf 235 kB)

kate_soper_thinkpiece (pdf 61 kB)


Karen V. Lykke Syse (workshop 6b)

lofgren (pdf 94 kB)

Syse expert systems (pdf 316 kB)