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8th Stockholm Archipelago Lecture: What should socialism mean in the 21st century? An ecofeminist view

The KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory at the Division of History of Science, Technology, and Environment, in collaboration with ABF Stockholm and Arena Idé, is pleased to invite you at the 8th Stockholm Archipelago Lecture!

Professor Nancy Fraser (The New School for Social Research, New York) is our guest this year. She will give a lecture on “What should socialism mean in the 21st century? An ecofeminist view”

Time: Mon 2019-10-07 17.15 - 18.30

Location: ABF Huset, Lecture Hall Z-salen, Sveavägen 41, 11140 Stockholm

Participating: Nancy Fraser

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NOTE: Before the lecture, from 16.30 to 17.15, a refreshment will be served to attendees outside the lecture hall.

This lecture will be held in English.

Here is Nancy Fraser's own description:
“Socialism” is back! For decades the word was considered an embarrassment. No more! Today, US politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wear the label proudly and win support, while organizations that espouse it attract new members in droves. But what does or should “socialism” signify in the present era? This lecture ventures an answer. Disclosing the capitalist economy’s contradictory and destructive relation to its “non-economic” background conditions, I contend that socialism must do more than transform the economy. It must also transform the economy’s relation to its background conditions of possibility, especially non-human nature and the gendered work of social reproduction. In a nutshell, a socialism for the 21st century must be ecofeminist.

Follow this link for the Facebook event! Everybody is welcome, but you need to sign up here  first!