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Sverker Sörlin Awarded the Birger Norman prize, 2023

Published May 22, 2023

Birger Norman (1914-1995) was a Swedish author, journalist and sociologist. The prize is given to a recipient who has "worked in the spirit of Birger Norman"

From the press release:

Sverker Sörlin has long been an up-to-date public educator with a low-key and reflective participation in the social debate, where he weaves together threads between the present and the past. Many threads also tie together the deeds of Sverker Sörlin and Birger Norman, which is becoming clear now that a new wave of industrialization is sweeping across northern Sweden.

Norman grew up in an Ådalen characterized by industry, social transformation and faith in the future, which quickly slowed down and took a new turn with closures and unemployment. His writing constantly reminds us of the consequences of short-term exploitation.

About the Society

The Birger Norman Society was founded in 2004 and aims to nurture and expand interest in the author Birger Norman. The society wants to deepen the understanding of his prose, poetry and drama and highlight his importance as a cultural and socially critical debater.

Previous recipents are: Martin Westerholm 2011, Ralph Nordlander 2012, Vibeke Olsson 2013, Göran Greider 2014, Ulrika Bodén 2015, Bo R Holmberg 2016, Mats Jonsson 2017, Maria Hamberg 2018, David Väyrynen 2019, Katarina Östholm 2020, Tomas Sjödin 2021 and Jenny Wrangborg 2022.