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  • Meet the new Director of the EHL - Robert Gioielli

    Published Jan 31, 2024

    Robert Gioielli joins us as an associate professor in environmental humanities at the Division of History of Science, Technology, and Environment and as the new Director of the KTH Environmental Human...

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  • Call for Papers - Fiction in Learning, Media and Technology Research

    Published Jan 30, 2024
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  • Kati Lindström, new boardmember of the journal Environment and History

    Published Jan 29, 2024
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  • Kati Lindström is the new Liasion Officer for the International Polar Heritage Committee.

    Published Jan 29, 2024
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  • New Report on AI, Sustainability and Agenda 2030

    Published Jan 03, 2024

    EHL scholars Sabine Höhler, Erik Ljungberg and Adam Wickberg contribute in the In the newly published WASP-HS report "AI, Sustainability and Agenda 2030". Their part focuses on the politics and episte...

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  • What Happened to Sweden's Leadership on Climate and Nuclear Disarmament?

    Published Dec 18, 2023

    The U.N. recently held two meetings addressing existential threats to much of life on Earth—COP28 in Dubai, and a summit on banning nuclear weapons in New York. Our country, Sweden, has traditionally ...

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  • An interview with Kati Lindström on Antarctica - and Japanese literature

    Picture: Plekktrumm ETV2
    Published Dec 06, 2023

    The fate of Antarctica is becoming one of the most important tests for dealing with climate change. What could speak to people internally so that humanity's impact on nature is reduced?

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  • Johan Fredrikzon: Unveiling the Dynamics of AI and Its Societal Impact

    Picture: D Koi, Unsplash
    Published Nov 23, 2023

    In a recent update, Johan Fredrikzon, an international postdoc at the division, shared insights from his participation in two conferences focusing on artificial intelligence. His presentations shed li...

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  • First Stockholm Archipelago Lecture on-site since 2019- given by Michelle Bastian on 7th December

    Published Nov 21, 2023

    The Stockholm Archipelago Lectures are part of the public activities of the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory and have been since David Lowenthal gave the inspiring inaugural lectures in 2012, t...

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  • Doomsday in culture – now and then

    Published Nov 21, 2023

    Hear Sverker Sörlin etc. talk about how the judgment day has been portrayed in art, literature and music throughout the ages, and what does a modern judgment day look like? With music and conversation...

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  • “How sustainable is the Green Transition in Northern Sweden?: Past visions and future prospects”

    Published Nov 14, 2023

    New seminar series Advancing Sustainability in the Arctic and Beyond launched with a lecture by Prof. Sverker Sörlin

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  • Linnaeus Prize awarded to Division Professor Sverker Sörlin

    Published Nov 13, 2023
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  • Re-launch of the EHL podcast Intervention with guest James Dunk on Planetary Health

    James Dunk holding EHL's first brown bag seminar of the fall, on planetary mental health
    Published Oct 19, 2023

    The EHL podcast Intervention is again active and our first guest on the podcast is James Dunk, research fellow at the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Sydney.

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  • KTH and Professors from the Division and the EHL cited by the Pope

    Vatican City: Photo Jae Park, Unsplash
    Published Oct 06, 2023

    On the third and fourth of October, the Pope has issued his Laudate Deum on the climate issue in a number of languages. Of three contemporary academics he cites, two are professors at the Division and...

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  • The Division co-organizes ESEH 2025

    Published Sep 28, 2023

    We are happy to share that the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, co-organize the Europen Society for Environmental History conference in 2025 with the proposed theme Climate ...

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  • The disaster in Libya shows how the climate crisis and its costs have been exported

    Published Sep 18, 2023

    Adam Wickberg writes in DN about how the floods in Eastern Libya underline the discussion on the driving forces of climate change, arguing it is not capitalism itself but rather the rapidly growing un...

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  • Piped drinking water regimes beyond the state: insights from peri-urban Delhi

    Credit: Sumit Vij
    Published Sep 11, 2023
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  • Centre of Anthropocene History at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment

    John Martin (1789-1854) ‘The Great Day of His Wrath’ c. 1853 (detail) Public domain
    Published Aug 08, 2023

    We are beyond proud to share the news that Sabine Höhler and the Division has been rewarded nearly 30 million Swedish kronor by VR (the Swedish Research Council) to establish a Centre of Excellence in...

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  • New PhD Course: Emotions, environment, and climate: Affects and the environmental humanities

    Published Jun 27, 2023

    Welcome to apply for a course that explores issues concerning sustainability through analysing the societal, political, and affective dimensions of the climate crisis. The course combines two lively r...

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  • New episode of the SPHERE-podcast

    Published Jun 22, 2023

    Paul Ehrlich on Environment, Population and a Lifetime Journey through Science and Politics

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