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  • Chapter by Salvatore Paolo De Rosa et al. in Risks and Challenges of Hazardous Waste Management

    Cover of the book
    Published Oct 23, 2020

    Our own Salvatore Paolo De Rosa together with Lucio Righetti and Annamaria Martuscelli, has written the chapter A Case Study on Grassroots Environment...

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  • Paving the Way for Pro-Poor and Sustainable WASH, Article by David Nilsson et al.

    Cropped photo taken by David Nilsson. The full photo is published in the article.
    Published Oct 21, 2020

    "Although billions of people worldwide have gained access to basic drinking water and sanitation during the last two decades, data suggests that ‘leav...

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  • Marco Armiero in: Tell the Story. Trauma as an Environmental Issue. Or, The Personal Is Ecopolitical

    Published Oct 14, 2020

    Marco Armiero joined a webinar in Serenella Iovino's course: Entangled Emergencies. Theories (and Stories) to Think with the Virus. An Environmental H...

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  • New Article on The Nomads, the Settlers and the In-betweens

    Published Oct 08, 2020

    Division Postdoc Otso Kortekangas' article "The nomads, the settlers and the in-betweens: Nordic clergymen on Sámi livelihoods in the early nineteent...

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  • Cold War Coast: The Transnational Co-Production of Militarized Landscapes project

    Published Sep 30, 2020

    On July 28-29, 2020, Cold War Coast: The Transnational Co-Production of Militarized Landscapes project has held its first public event - Lahemaa Milit...

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  • The Mediated Planet - New Grant to the Division in one of Formas Biggest Targeted Calls Ever

    Published Sep 28, 2020

    We are proud to present that as one of eleven projects, "Mediated Planet: Claiming Data for Environmental SDGs" lead by Sabine Höhler et al. was award...

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  • Enroll for the PhD Course: Introducing Feminist Environmental Humanities

    Published Sep 25, 2020

    The research course "Gender & Sustainability: Introducing Feminist Environmental Humanities", aim to create a creative base for gender and sustainabil...

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  • Roberta Biasillo in the fortcoming Fennia - International Journal of Geography

    Published Sep 23, 2020

    Biasillo's paper explores several conundrums concerning environmental migration in social sciences and demonstrates how historical perspectives can pr...

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  • Upcoming Webinars: Actors of SD & Covid-19 Response Efforts

    Published Sep 15, 2020

    The InsSciDE project has undertaken the mission of assembling a panoramic account of Covid-19 response efforts through testimonies and analyses from a...

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  • Producing Electric Light: How Resource Scarcity Affected Light Bulbs, 1880–1914

    Bild: Shane Rounce/Unsplash
    Published Sep 10, 2020

    New article published by former Division employee Dr. Hanna Vikström. In this article Vikström describes how the manufacture of light bulbs affected b...

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  • Valentine Gabrielle Huet Publishes Master Thesis Supervised by Ethemcan Turhan

    Published Sep 01, 2020

    The master thesis "Infrastructure Projects and Climate Change Adaption in the Era of Grassrotts Movement Resurgence: Suggestions for Transformational ...

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  • New blogpost up on STREAMS

    Published Aug 19, 2020
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  • Is all Environmental Humanities Feminist Environmental Humanities?

    Photograph courtesy of Cecilia Åsberg
    Published Jul 10, 2020

    "It strikes us that “intersectional environmentalism” is environmental humanities, or at least is environmental humanities as it is now, in the field’...

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  • KTH Sustainability Office and Equality Office grants Gender & Sustainability Course

    Photo: Petter Karlberg
    Published Jul 07, 2020

    Cecilia Åsberg from the Division and Meike Schalk from KTH School of Architecture have been granted to run an introductory course in feminist environm...

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  • Lina Rahm joins the Posthumanities Hub

    Published Jul 07, 2020

    Lina Rahm, PhD in Education, is joining the Posthumanities Hub as a postdoctoral researcher granted by The KTH Physicist Dr. Ragnar Holm’s Foundation....

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  • Call for abstracts – International Workshop on Walking and Heritage

    Published Jul 02, 2020

    Do you conduct research on walking, trails and heritage? We are planning an anthology on this topic, where we will investigate the role of history in ...

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  • Environmental history of modern migrations

    Published Jun 03, 2020
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  • The Politics of Nuclear Waste: An Interview with Andrei Stsiapanau

    Published May 20, 2020
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  • Katarina Larsen co-author of JPI Urban Europe report

    Published May 12, 2020
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  • New division blogpost!

    Published Apr 30, 2020

    Corona environments and some reflections on the entanglements of the coronavirus pandemic

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