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  • Sverker Sörlin, one of eight new Honorary Doctors Appointed by the UiB

    Published Feb 11, 2022

    The University of Bergen announced eight new honorary doctors on February 10, 2022. We are happy to announce Sverker Sörlin as one of the receivers of this prestigious award.

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  • Research in between educational and technical history

    Lina Rahm researches critical pedagogy and environmental humanities at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. Photo: Hanna Kalla
    Published Feb 02, 2022

    Lina Rahm is a new Assistant Professor at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. Her research focuses on the intersection between sociotechnical and educational imaginaries.

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  • Division joins Australia Research Council 'Discovery Grant'

    Published Jan 14, 2022

    An interdisciplinary team led by History and Medicine Professor Warwick Anderson will explore the rise of the concept of 'planetary health' and the increased understanding of public health and human a...

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  • Daniel Svensson - Selected as one of Tomorrow's Sports Researchers by the Swedish Olympic Committee

    Daniel Svensson. Picture by: Florence Oppenheim
    Published Dec 20, 2021

    Daniel Svensson, assistant professor in sports management at the Department of Sports Sciences (IDV) at Malmö University, was previously a doctoral student at the Division of History of Science, Techn...

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  • Beyond Unprepared and Sustainability’s Formative Moment - Formas' Grants two new Projects

    Published Nov 29, 2021

    Division researchers Fredrik Bertilsson and Eric Paglia recieved funding for four years each in the Formas Annual Open Call 2021 – Research projects for early-career researchers. In 2022 the Division ...

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  • The Thuréus Prize to Sverker Sörlin

    Sverker Sörlin. Photo: Frankie Fouganthin
    Sverker Sörlin. Photo: Frankie Fouganthin
    Published Nov 23, 2021

    The Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala awards Sverker Sörlin the Thuréus Prize on November 23. He receives the prize in the historical-archeological class for "outstanding contributions as a pioneer...

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  • Call for Papers: The Nuclear-Water Nexus

    Published Nov 22, 2021

    The team behind the NUCLEARWATERS project is planning for a workshop, to which they invite senior and junior scholars (including PhD students) from all fields – not only history – to present research ...

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  • A meeting between researchers, artists, an art gallery and the business world. 

    Published Nov 09, 2021

    ​Watch Paul Schrotti from  Lindéngruppen in conversation with researcher David Nilsson and artist Åsa Cederqvist about the exhibition Symbios at Färgfabriken. A meeting between researchers, artists, a...

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  • Sverker Sörlin is awarded IVA's Great Gold Medal

    Sverker Sörlin. Photo: Karin Tengby
    Published Oct 20, 2021

    Sverker Sörlin, Professor in Environmental History at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, has been awarded the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences' (IVA) Great Go...

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  • 70 Climate Scientists Urge Governments in the UK and Europe to act against Climate Change

    Climate protesters erected a Boris Johnson statue splattered in oil in Whitehall on Monday (AFP/Getty/the Independent))
    Published Oct 19, 2021

    In a letter published in the leading UK newspaper The Independent, no less than seventy climate scientists argue that the UK and Europe must take “bold political action” on fossil fuels and rule out n...

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  • Urban Water Imaginaries in Exhibition - Interview with Katarina Larsen

    Published Sep 21, 2021

    The exhibition Symbiosis at Färgfabriken is a place for dialogue and an ongoing experiment created together with artists, researchers, designers and architects to explore new ways of thinking about ou...

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  • Nina Wormbs Receives Scholarship for new Book on Climate

    From top left: Magnus Ivarsson, Mårten Lind, Roland Paulsen, Erika Schagatay, Bo Söderström and Nina Wormbs. All recipients of the popular science scholarship of SEK 100,000. Photo: Natur & Kultur
    Published Sep 14, 2021

    Nina Wormbs was awarded Natur & Kultur's scholarship for popular science in September together with five other researchers and authors. The aim with is to convey research to a wider audience, and this...

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  • Symbiosis - a Collaboration between NATURE and Färgfabriken

    Photo: John Jakobsson
    Published Aug 19, 2021

    Timos Karpouzoglou, Katarina Larsen and David Nilsson team up in the RJ funded project NATURE. Together with artists from Färgfabriken they have collaborated and developed a theme about water and infr...

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  • KTH Student? Apply for one of our Courses this Fall!

    Photo: Fredrik Persson, KTH
    Published Aug 16, 2021

    Explore the interdisciplinary field of political ecology, learn about energy and national identity in a global perspective or analyze energy systems as socio-technical systems in a course with us.

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  • The ESEH Dissertation Prize to Daniele Valisena

    Published Jul 16, 2021

    Between July 8 and 9 the ESEH 2021 Digital Meeting was held. It offered a series of online environmental history events around the 11th ESEH's Ordinary General Meeting. On the Friday The ESEH Disserta...

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  • Decay Without Mourning: Future-thinking Heritage Practices - New Grant for Lize-Marie van der Watt

    Published Jul 08, 2021

    We are happy to announce that Lize-Marie Hansen van der Watt was granted in the call Global Issues - Integrating Different Perspectives on Heritage and Change. In a joint call for proposals Riksbanken...

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  • Programme for STREAMS 2021

    Published Jul 07, 2021

    We are proud to announce the schedule for STREAMS 2021. A conference for the environmental humanities built up by keynotes, single presentations, network rooms, and different themed STREAMS. A stream ...

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  • Integrative Humanities - the Division Sums up 2019 and 2020

    Base camp and the remains of the first Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901 – 1903) at Snow Hill island, Antarctica. Photo: Kati Lindström.
    Published Jun 17, 2021

    The Division has published reports since the beginning of the 1990s. The first years the reports were annual, basic information on changes in staff, courses offered, seminars held, and activities by i...

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  • Kati Lindström, new member of the Estonian Polar Research Committee!

    Published Jun 07, 2021
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  • One Table Two Elephants opened the SALT online film festival in Istanbul, Turkey

    Published May 20, 2021

    One Table Two Elephants (84 min, CPH:DOX, 2018) is a cinematic ethnography created by Jacob von Heland and Henrik Ernstson that deals with race, nature and knowledge politics in the postcolonial city ...

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